Havering Friends of the Earth unhappy over solar park opposition

Solar Panels

Environmentalists have issued searing criticism of a council committee’s decision to reject plans for a solar panel farm in Upminster.

The park, which would have been situated in Clay Tye Farm, would have been capable of producing electricity to power almost 5,000 homes.

But on December 18, councillors on Havering Council’s regulatory services committee kicked out the proposal. Upminster’s Cllr Ron Ower said the 60,100 panels would have been “visually obstructive, detrimental to the green belt and set a dangerous precedent”.

But this week, campaign group Havering Friends of the Earth said it was “disappointed” with the decision.

Co-ordinator Ian Pirie said there were concerns about the impact on wildlife but the solar panels could be designed in such a way as not to be detrimental to it.

“We’re more interested in that than in keeping pretty green fields,” he said.

He added: “If lots of people keep saying ‘not in our fields’ or ‘not in neighbourhood’, where are we going to get them?

“We need to think about the bigger picture.”
Source: Romford Recorder

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December 31, 2014