Survivor tells of his near miss in cheese lorry crash

Lorry M25 Crash Upminster

A driver has spoken of the terrifying moment a lorry careered off an M25 bridge and smashed into his car on the road below.

Nick Searle, 37, was driving his blue Ford Escort along St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, just after 11pm on Sunday when the articulated lorry, filled with cheese, crashed through a motorway barrier making a “very loud grinding noise”.

“It was getting louder and I thought a plane was about to crash nearby,” said Mr Searle.

“We saw a large number of big, bright golden sparks coming down from above us then a kind of dust blanket descended on the front of the car, which may have been the diesel.

“I couldn’t see anything and then there was a really loud impact to my car. It swerved slightly to the left and the windscreen immediately shattered.

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June 29, 2015